The video to Rammstein’s »Seemann« (probably my most favourite Rammstein-song) is probably the most stupid Rammstein-video I’ve ever seen.

I hate it when things are like this.

EDIT: Cool, Apocalyptica feat. Nine Hagen’s cover (which was always my favourite version of the song) has a video that is almost as cool as the song itself. Long-haired, moshing guys playing cello, I love them. Okay, actually I don’t, their new stuff is totally overloaded and boring but the concept’s still cool and they’ve been at the time of this video. Plus, unlike Rammstein’s video Apocalyptica’s clip has something that can roughly considered to be a plot: an old guy rowing to a lighthouse.

And there are mermaids too.

Sad thing to see that Nina Hagen which I always kinda liked – not as a person or a musician but as an icon like some kind of German Marilyn Manson – has sold her soul to German brain-amputeed star-search television-shows. I hated her when I saw her side by side with c-prominents looking like a corpse in a world she definitely not belongs to.