A rich man’s privilege

Student ID

This is a doodling I did on the trainride back from my hometown Lübeck last weekend. With all the beautiful landscape outside the trainwindows I somehow always end up drawing trees and stuff.

And yes, that is my adress. It’s actually the envelope this semester’s Student ID came in. Thanks to our f***ing antisocial, conservative government these things are now only available for guys that have 500 € on the loose per semester (can I say that?…).

So I am officially putting this drawing on sale here for 500 €. ^__^

EDIT: Well, ACTUALLY my parents just bought that drawing without even knowing it (and they got a »Special Parent’s Price Reduction« from me of course…). They always give me money for everything and I am very grateful for that and at the same time I feel bad taking it all the time.

So thank you so much.