Bye bye, iTunes,…

… Welcome Songbird!

This free and Open Source player not only always looked nice but also works pretty stable now. I tried it from time to time in the past but there always were too many bugs (and only limited for me.

That changed with the last updates and I decided to leave iTunes behind for this community-powered player (it works pretty well with and Mp3-players/iPods now). Lot’s of cool plugins/themes and stuff.
I also really like that they have a build-in global hotkey-function.
And it’s crossplatform (Win/Mac/Linux).

And since I become more and more a fan of Open Source software and I am more and more disgusted by Apples politics (shitty ads, all the iPhone-mess etc.) it’s only a logical step.

2 replies on “Bye bye, iTunes,…”

  1. I’ve never used iTunes, ’cause I have Creative ZEN as opposed to an iPod. iPods are soooo overpriced, it baffles me as to why on earth people buy ’em.

    Never heard of Songbird before, so thanks for enlightening me.

  2. Thanks for the comment, I bought a used iPod for a pretty low price, I still like their design but recently I began to hate their shitty politics (like that it is almost impossible to share the music on your iPod with others).
    Unfortunatly my iPod is one of the few Versions that isn’t supported by rockbox or ipodlinux. But they’re rockbox on it! Go! Go! Go!
    Do you like your Zen?

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