»Ghost in the Shell 2« & Hans Bellmer

Hans Bellmer — Doll

Hans Bellmer

Coming to think of it, actually did (re-)watch a nice movie in the last time. I am doing a work on Internet/Hypertext as a theoretical background for my recent project and I thought about GitS and the network-theories they talk about there and I decided to watch Innocence again.

It was a real treat as always and just as the other times I watched it I couldn’t decide if I should concentrate on the breathtaking pictures and animation (except for some too much CGI-looking CGI I totally adore this movie’s style) or on the story/subtitles (I got a fansub that has heavy explanation for all the references and quotes, it’s unbelievable what Mamoru Oshii rubbed into that movie).

I learned from wikipedia that the design of the cyborgs is inspired by the German artist/photographer etc. Hanns Bellmer (if you know it the hint with the book is really obvious of course) and his fabulous dolls.