Uuah, I watched two shitty movies in a row recently, the first one was Hellboy 2, the second one Resident Evil (3?): Extinction.

I watched Hellboy for curiosity-reasions, I could not believe that del Toro could make a movie as bad as my friends said it was. But he sure did (wow, and he did this shitty Hellboy-Animated-series too. I really tried to watch that. But it was just too badly drawn and stupid). Hellboy — The Golden Army heavily reminded me of Spiderman 3, both movies left me with this strange feeling that what I just watched was not a movie but some kind of half-baked brainstorm conglomerat for the next few Spiderman/Hellboy movies (which I — for sure in vain — hope they are not going to do). It didn’t feel like a good composed story but rather a crude mix of (bad) ideas. Nevermind, I never cared much for Spiederman and Hellboy can never be as good as a movie as it is as a comic (actually, I think Hellboy works only as a comic, in a movies the ideas and characters just seem too ridiculous).

I knew that Resident Evil would be bad, though. RS2 totally sucked so I didn’t believe it would get any better. It didn’t of course and I only watched it because I am recently doing some research on Apocalypse. But even watching it with that perspective was kind of frustrating, because it was uninspired and unlogical. Nevermind.