The Racial Bechdel Test

My father pointed out this cool PoC focused version of the Bechdel test to me:

1. There must be more than one character of color
2. At least two characters of color must have a conversation
3. The conversation has to be about something other than a white person

– The Racial Bechdel Test

Sadly there’s not a lot going on there right now, but I’ll keep the RBT in mind and maybe submit some movies.

And since this is what I do I would propose another variant, the Racial Bechdel Test 2.0, which would be:

Are there at least to WoC that talk about something other then a (white) man?

So let’s have some fun and do all these tests random things like

The Hobbit 01:
Bechdel Test: Fail
Racial Bechdel Test: Fail
Racial Bechdel Test 2.0: Fail
Mako Mori Test: Fail
Mako Mori Test 2.0: Fail
Score: 0/5

Malinda Lo – „Huntress“
BT: Pass, RBT: Pass, RBT2: Pass, MMT: Pass, MMT2: Pass Score: 5/5. Wow. I’m not 100% sure about this though, but judging from the names (and book cover) at least the two main characters should be Asian (looking …).

BT: Pass, RBT: Fail, RBT2: Fail, MMT: Pass, MMKT2: Fail, Score: 2/5

Duelist / Hyeongsa (2005)
BT: Fail, RBT: Pass, RBT2: Fail, MMT: Pass, MMT2: Pass, Score: 3/5

Mh, I think I’d like to add an LGBT(QA) Bechdel/Mako Mori test, where non-hetero/normative people either have their own narrative or talk to each other. Well, that would be a lot of boxes to tick. Hey, but „Huntress“ would still get a full score, I think. Mh, that’s actually pretty interesting. Let’s do it on When Night is Falling, a movie I can’t really remember all that well:

BT: Pass
RBT: Fail(?)
RBT2: Fail
MMT: Pass
MMT2 Fail, not sure, does Petra have her on narrative arc?
LGBT-MMT2: Fail (not sure, see above)
Score: 4/10

Not very good. But then again, I guess most of all movies would only get one or two out of ten, so four might actually be quite a high score?