I just read an article over at ArsGeek where the author was wondering how copyright infringement and illegal filesharing could be legalized. His suggestions where subscription-sites for legal downloading and/or pay-per-view-systems (specifically on the Pirate Bay which was to be legalized just like Napster but from what I heard the deal is a good as cancelled). However that might evolve, I don’t think that one of these two business-moldels will be there on the long run because both systems are limited to what one site can offer (with whom from the industry they made contracts) and no one is going to register on multiple sites just to get everyting they want, because it’s expensive and a pain in the a.s.s. Of course it works a little for music so it will work with movies to a certain degree but most of the people will still download whithout paying anything from illegal sites.

I gave these things some thoughts recently and I think in the end the only solution is to allow people to download whatever they want from whereever they want when they pay a monthly/yearly fee. The collected money than needs to be distributed to the artists (this will cut out most of the music- and movie-distributing and -marketing people, that’s why they are not really happy with this).

The thinking on how this might be organized (how do figure out a more or less cheat-free way which artist is getting how much money etc.) is just starting and it will probably take a long time until we have a system up and running because it has to be legalized by the law all over the world.

This model is called »Kulturflatrate« (»Culture-flatrate) in Germany.

I could not find the English term or any further reading in English, but this (German-subtlitled but English) video-interview with Danny O’Brian, who is activism coordinator at the Electronical Frontier Foundation, is a good start.

Candidate for Worst Movie of all Times: Narnia 1

I watched the first part of the Narnia-chronicles mainly because I heard about the rumours that it is used by fundamental christians as propaganda (Philip Pullman’s ingenious »Dark Materials«-series is viewed as the counterpart to this). So I might have been slightly preoccupied when watching the movie but I just can’t help it: this was one of the worst things I have ever seen. I know it may be a little unfair to compare it with Lord of the Rings because Narnias target audience is much younger, but on the other hand this being a children-movie is no accuse for doing almost everything wrong that you can do wrong in a movie. What that would be can be read after the break.

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»Ghost in the Shell 2« & Hans Bellmer

Hans Bellmer — Doll

Hans Bellmer

Coming to think of it, actually did (re-)watch a nice movie in the last time. I am doing a work on Internet/Hypertext as a theoretical background for my recent project and I thought about GitS and the network-theories they talk about there and I decided to watch Innocence again.

It was a real treat as always and just as the other times I watched it I couldn’t decide if I should concentrate on the breathtaking pictures and animation (except for some too much CGI-looking CGI I totally adore this movie’s style) or on the story/subtitles (I got a fansub that has heavy explanation for all the references and quotes, it’s unbelievable what Mamoru Oshii rubbed into that movie).

I learned from wikipedia that the design of the cyborgs is inspired by the German artist/photographer etc. Hanns Bellmer (if you know it the hint with the book is really obvious of course) and his fabulous dolls.


Uuah, I watched two shitty movies in a row recently, the first one was Hellboy 2, the second one Resident Evil (3?): Extinction.

I watched Hellboy for curiosity-reasions, I could not believe that del Toro could make a movie as bad as my friends said it was. But he sure did (wow, and he did this shitty Hellboy-Animated-series too. I really tried to watch that. But it was just too badly drawn and stupid). Hellboy — The Golden Army heavily reminded me of Spiderman 3, both movies left me with this strange feeling that what I just watched was not a movie but some kind of half-baked brainstorm conglomerat for the next few Spiderman/Hellboy movies (which I — for sure in vain — hope they are not going to do). It didn’t feel like a good composed story but rather a crude mix of (bad) ideas. Nevermind, I never cared much for Spiederman and Hellboy can never be as good as a movie as it is as a comic (actually, I think Hellboy works only as a comic, in a movies the ideas and characters just seem too ridiculous).

I knew that Resident Evil would be bad, though. RS2 totally sucked so I didn’t believe it would get any better. It didn’t of course and I only watched it because I am recently doing some research on Apocalypse. But even watching it with that perspective was kind of frustrating, because it was uninspired and unlogical. Nevermind.

Jamie Hewlet’s Monkey King

The creator of Tank Girl (and Gorillaz which I personally only like as a media-project but not the music) made a really nice two-minute-movie for BBC’s coverage on the politcal questionable olympic games in china.

It’s based on the ancient chinese legend on the monkey king and BBC has a nice page with production notes, photos from the studio and other stuff, the clip can be found here. Inspiring!

Bye bye, iTunes,…

… Welcome Songbird!

This free and Open Source player not only always looked nice but also works pretty stable now. I tried it from time to time in the past but there always were too many bugs (and only limited for me.

That changed with the last updates and I decided to leave iTunes behind for this community-powered player (it works pretty well with and Mp3-players/iPods now). Lot’s of cool plugins/themes and stuff.
I also really like that they have a build-in global hotkey-function.
And it’s crossplatform (Win/Mac/Linux).

And since I become more and more a fan of Open Source software and I am more and more disgusted by Apples politics (shitty ads, all the iPhone-mess etc.) it’s only a logical step.

Welcome, Earthlings!

Ich hoffe mal, dieses (Achtung, Freunde, festhalten, jetzt kommt wieder einer von diesen tollen Web.zwei.0-Mischmasch (hat hier jemand »Mash-up« gesagt?)-Deutsch-Englisch-Ausdrücken:) selbstgehostete WordPress-Blog, wird so gut laufen, wie ich es mir vorstelle, so daß ich mein, doch sehr eingeschränktes Blogsome-Blog vernachlässigen kann. Zur Zeit gibt’s noch massive Probleme mit der Migration der alten Artikel aber ich bin noch nicht komplett hoffnungslos (noch nicht, wohlgemerkt). Und ein Designupdate wär doch auch mal fein.

Ich glaub außerdem, daß ich mich beim normalen Blog jetzt vollständig auf meine Arbeiten konzentrieren werde und für das Gelaber den Sideblog verwende.




I hope that this selfhosted wordpress-blog will work so stable that I can leave my feature-limited blogsome-blog behind. I currently have troubles gettig my old posts from there over here but I have not totally given up yet.

I think I will make some changes, the general blog will now be mostly for my works and doodles and the sideblog for everything else (reviews in movies, things I found, blah blah).

Have fun!

What Happened to my Hardy Heron?

I recently gave Ubuntu another try because I really like the OpenSource idea. But still it’s a real pain to install the wireless drivers (didn’t suceed yet) and it does not recognize my T40`s grapic card. I’ve been playing with xorg.conf but aside of totally damaging my system I didn’t achieve anything. Nice thing that Wine seems to be really able to run Windows-progs (as a soon-to-bedesigner I have to use Adobe’s CS) on Linux.

UPDATE 2013: Yeah, good luck trying to get the Creative Suite to work with Wine, former self! +_____+

Michael Ende

Recently I rediscovered the works of Michael Ende. In my opinion he was one of the best German authors of children’s books of all time.

I’ve always been in love with his »Der Satanarcholügenialkohöllsiche Wunschpunsch« (»The Satanarchaeolidealcohellish Notion Potion«), there is a really good audiobook (and a – of course – really BAD animated tv-series) of this work, produced in the 90s – read by the maestro himself – that shows what a great reader he is. I own it on casette and I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to it but I can quote almost the whole thing.

I had the opportunity to watch the screen adaption of »Momo« on the big screen once and I really enjoyed it. I am listening to its audiobook these days and it is really astonishing to see how this modern »fairy tale« deals with subjects I’ve been bothering myself with recently, such as: Is work/success really the center of my life? Am I doing the right thing with the time I got? How do I want to spend my life? Ende has a great way of dealing with these essential questions, creating lovely characters and telling unique, universal stories with them.

Another of these »Strange how life goes in circles all the time«-thing happened when doing some research on Michael Ende: I was really happy to read that he was fascinated by Japanese culture because – as some may have noticed – I am too. He seems to have translated some stories by Kenji Miyazawa (known best for his »Night of the Milky Way Railway«) into German with his Japanese translater and second wife Mariko Satō. And guess what: I really have a favour Miyazawa too. Don’t know if they published the stories they translated though because there is only one book with Miyazawa-stories available in Germany, I think (»Die Früchte des Ginkgo «) and that has been translated by someone else. Still pretty cool ^__^

What most people don’t know – I suppose – is that he has written some really wonderful stories for grown-ups (or rather stories ONLY for grown-ups because just like the films of Hayao Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli ALL of his stories should be read by adults) like »Der Spiegel im Spiegel« (»Mirror in the Mirror«), a collection of really weird short stories.

And don’t forget to get your eyes on the wondeful illustrated »Der Lindwurm und der Schmetterling« (beware of the new – pretty bad – version with illustrations by the same artist, Wilfried Hiller) one of my other favourites.