Links: Feminism & Sexuality

For some reason I stumbled across quite a few articles on feminism and sexuality recently. First up was this article in The Skinny’s Deviance section (which is almost always an interesting read) from Nichole Edwards who is doing a PhD on feminism and (hetero)sexual desire.

Next, this post on cutout fanservice characters vs sexy characters with a strong agency in anime, leading to this post (which I’ve seen linked to before by A Cracked Moon) about How to be a fan of problematic things, which is a fun read:

In real life, people have to go to the bathroom. In movies and books, they don’t show that very much, because it’s boring and gross. Well, guess what: bigotry is also boring and gross. But everyone is just dying to keep that in the script.

Oh and since I haven’t linked to them here are two excellent posts on rape as a plot device/women in refrigerator trope: The Rape of James Bond and Cut Superman’s Dick off.