„A Storm Coming“ / „Viking Monk“ Repost

Sketch of a viking, seen from behind, hovering in the air next to a rune stone. There's a grazing horse a bit away and dark, foreboding clouds in the sky.

Here’s a very old (2010!) piece I recently found on my blog, it was apparently for the (now defunct) #DrawingDay, done on a tiny, ancient (about A6!) #wacom #DrawingTablet (could never get used to them in the end).

Still like the atmosphere a lot.

Check out the blog for some info on the #RuneStone:

Cycle Outing

Illustration in greens and pinks of a person taking a brake from cycling the rather steep climbs in a Scottish landscape with mountains, a loch and woodlands.

Since I took part in my first ever #CriticalMass (courtesy of @EdCriticalMass@mastodon.scot, thank you! 🥰) this weekend (such an amazing feeling #cycling on a main street without being subconsciously afraid to be run over) here’s something #cycle-themed!

(I’m afraid to say that I think this is the first time ever I’ve drawn a bike …)

How to batch-convert videos with ffmpeg including all audio and subtitles

Since I spend quite a bit of time tinkering with this I though it might be interesting to others.

The following can be executed on a folder with a bunch of videos which ffmpeg will convert including all audio and subtitle streams and put in a subfolder (not very) originally called „Done“ (not sure if you need to create that folder or if ffmpeg will do that*):

for i in *.*; do ffmpeg -hwaccel_output_format cuda -i "$i" -map 0:v:0 -map 0:a? -map 0:s? -c:v hevc_nvenc -b:v 2000k -preset slow -c:a aac -b:a 128k -c:s copy "Done/${i%.*}.mkv"; done

All the for i in for the batch-conversion is way above my tiny „I can’t learn programming“ brain and is taken from this StackExchange thread (among other things I can’t find now). You could do *.mp4 or *.mkv if you only want those types of videos to be converted.

-hwaccel_output_format cuda and -c:v hevc_nvenc? tells ffmpeg to use the GPU with Cuda (so will probably only work with NVIDIA) and use HEVC (x265) as the video-codec.

The interesting bits are -map 0:v:0 -map 0:a? -map 0:s? which selects all video(?), audio streams and subtitles. I was using -map 0 before but this sometimes created empty video or audio streams which caused all video players I tried to crash (except for good old VLC who did not care). Not ideal.

-c:v and -c:a select the audio and video codecs (c = codec) with slow preset in this case, whereas

-b:v and -b:a tells ffmpeg the bitrate (b = bitrate).

-c:s copy copies the subtitles.

* Edit: You do need to have a folder withe name you specify there in the folder where you run the script. If someone knows how to automate that I’d be happy to hear how ^__^

Love Music, Fight Fascism!

Round illustration on a pink background with a boombox-character dancing happily on a broken swastika. Text around it says „Love music, fight fascism“.

Aus aktuellem Anlass (und schon wieder #LateToTheParty 🥳) mein #OldieButGoldie #Antifasticker, leider ohne Reim aber immerin #cute ^__^

JfmlArt #art #illustration #creative #DigitalArt #FediArt #MastoArt #CreativeToots #CharacterDesign #süss #NoAFD #NieWiederIstJetzt #FightFascism #LoveMusic #antifa #ekelfhAFD #FCKAFD #Music #Hiphop #Rap #Boombox #Oldschool #antifascist #AlwaysAntifascist

ArtVsArtist 2023

ArtVsArtist2023: A picture divided into nine squares, the middle one is a rather dorky photo of yours truly with the hoodie up, drinking something with a (paper) straw, the rest are illustrations I've finished 2023.

Late to the party as always (🥳) here’s an #ArtVsArtist2023 thingy (I’m super unsure about putting my face on the internet but since this is not going to #Instagram anymore I feel better about it).

I feel there’s a lot of #pink going on which is really nice ^__^ I hope I’ll remember doing more of these in the future, it’s a good way of looking at the past year.

Late to the party as always (🥳) here’s an #ArtVsArtist2023 thingy (I’m super unsure about putting my face on the internet but since this is not going to #Instagram anymore I feel better about it).

There’s a lot of #pink going on which is really nice ^__^ I hope I’ll remember doing more of these in the future, it’s a good way of looking at the past year.

#JfmlArt #art #illustration #creative #DigitalArt #FediArt #MastoArt #CreativeToots #inscape #blender3d #fantasy #cute #birds #science #space

How to import PDFs as „images“ in Scribus

Since I had to figure this out multiple times now (because I always forget how to do it +___+), here’s a workflow that seems to be working for me to add white frames of different widths to different sized pages to vector illustrations – my local printer The Art of Print (which is amazing ^__^) here in Edinburgh wants it that way.

I need page sizes ranging from A5 to A2, including borders between 5 mm and 2 cm.

Screenshot of Scribus showing the same illustration on different sized pages.

Yesterday I figured out that it should be possible to do this in Inkscape with clones but there seems to be a bug that just exports nothing instead of clones on a new page (and cloning a whole illustration is no fun because you need to put it all in one top layer with sublayers).

After a lot of fiddling I remembered that in Scribus you can actually import PDFs (but not SVGs, apparently) as images into image frames (ctrl-i or rightclick > Content > Get Image) if you change the „Files of Type“(?) to „All supported formats“.

This imports the vector graphic as an image (not what we want at all!) but unlike File > Import > Get Vector file which imports (or rather appends, inserts) the PDF or SVG as editable objects this cuts the image at the original page border (yay).

You can then arrange the PDF / image just as you need on pages and when exporting it to a PDF for printing you can check the box on the PDF export dialogue in General > File Options > Embed PDF & EPS files (EXPERIMENTAL!) to export the PDF „image“ as vectors. This has always worked well for me so far.

Scribus PDF-export dialogue with the Embed PDF-Files option highlighted

Thanks to Raghavendra Kamath for pointing out this last trick out to me, otherwise this whole process would be useless ^__^

Now I just need to remember how to do this when I need it again in a few months …

How to fix hyphenation not working for Scribus on Fedora Linux

I just found out how to fix #hyphenation not working in #Scribus on #Fedora (probably for #languages that aren’t system language):

Check that the text frame (Windows > Content Properties), character and paragraph styles (Edit > Styles, maybe you need to double click on a style to edit) are all the correct language (in my case German on an English system).

If Extras > Hyphenate Text still isn’t working, go to Windows > Resources > Hyphenation Dictionaries and check that you have the correct .dics installed (for me it was only English) and download the appropriate ones if necessary. You can also see the path where they are installed on the system here, so you could manually move a .dic there if you manage to find one.

Tadaa 🎉

Greeting Cards!

Photo of three square greeting cards with birds on them, on a wooden floor.
More close-up photo of the cards, the birds are a jackdaw, a blue tit and a robin.

They’re here! 🥰✨

I’ll be selling #GreetingCards printed at pennybatchgallery.co.uk at this year’s #ColonyOfArtists!

And they’re #beautiful! Printed on #recycled paper, with #EcoKraft envelopes and #compostable wrappers (just like my #prints).

Come round the #weekend after next in #Edinburgh’s #Abbeyhill to have a look ^__^

Viking & the Fox Princess is on sale!

Illustration of a Viking person standing on a red sphere (with tiny fishes swimming towards it!). They have a red fox on their shoulders.
Photo of a print of the same illustration packaged in a compostable wrapper.

Get 30% off this adorkable #giclee #print with code GINGERFOX until this Friday! 🥳


I’m debating moving my prints from #etsy to #kofi without a good reason (aside from disliking Etsy because it’s big and bad?) and this is kinda a test run.

Do you like/dislike Etsy? What do you use yourself or like more (or less)?

♥ my other art

Ich hab vor einigen Jahren heimlich angefangen Illus am Tablet zu zeichnen!

Genau wie letztes Jahr (stimmt auch da gerne nochma ab, ma sehen, was passiert ^__^) würde es mich freuen, wenn ihr die Bilder, die euch gefallen mit einem ⭐ verseht (im Vollbild-Modus unten links).

Gerne an Leute weiterleiten, die Interesse haben könnten! Dankeschön ^__^

I’ve been stealthily getting into digital drawing!

So like last year (feel free to vote again, let’s see what happens ^__^) it would be my pleasure if you’d take the time and give some ⭐s to the ones you like (in the lower left corner in fullscreen view).

Feel free to pass this on to people who might be interested in voting as well! Thanks a lot ^__^

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Watt nu

Jetzt wo FoF (mehr oder weniger) abgeschlossen ist, kommt die spannende Frage nach einem neuen Projekt:

Ich würd’ am liebsten einen „richtigen“ Comic machen (mit echten Panels!) aber solange ich da noch keine (ausgereiften) Ideen für eine Story hab’, glaube ich, ich mach’ erstmal „Low Effort Content“, also einzelne Bilder zur irgendwelchen random Themen.

Oder ein Computerspiel! Aber wer will das nur programmieren!? Niemand! That’s who!

Bis dahin, bitte um Rückmeldung ob hui oder pfui (in Hinblick auf diesen gefakten Tusche-Pinsel-Stil):


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