So many #birds! 🐦‍⬛🦉🦢🦅🪿 Who is your favourite? Started this project over a year ago as a birthday present (it’s a #jigsaw #puzzle! I didn’t take any photos when we did it 🤦‍♀️) and now it’s finally here! Testing out #Society6 as an #printer with this one (and #CutePlanets), check it out:


ColonyOfArtists is a wrap! (🌯?) Thanks so much to Kat and the other organisers! I had such a blast with Nikanovich and all the people that came to our stalls, thanks so much! ✨


Hallo ^ _ ^ Instead of bringing you something #ColonyOfArtists-related (which is in less then a month in #Edinburgh, #Scotland!) … Here are a few sketches of older women main characters. Some day I want to do a #ChildrensBook or #Comic about an #old #adventurer who has lived #TheQuietLife for a few decades and goes …

Viking & the Fox Princess is on sale!

Get 30% off this adorkable #giclee #print with code GINGERFOX until this Friday! 🥳 I’m debating moving my prints from #etsy to #kofi without a good reason (aside from disliking Etsy because it’s big and bad?) and this is kinda a test run. Do you like/dislike Etsy? What do you use yourself or like …


So, looks like I’m not really updating this anymore (I might in the future if I ever do a bigger personal project again). For the time being I’m blogging random stuff to and my personal and commercial projects can be found my portfolio (and maybe Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.). Thanks!