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Inprnt prints

Another photo of a print with a whole lotta birds in front of a landscape.
A photo, this motif is a room with a cluttered desk in front of a window opening out to a fantastical landscape with dragons and giants.
Photo of a print lying on a carpet. The illustration is of a person flying on a giant bird to a castle on top of a mountain that's guarded by a white wolf.

The new test #prints I ordered from #Inprnt arrived super fast! 🎉

And just like last time they’re just tooo good! ✨

#Redbubbe or #Society6 don’t come even close to it +__+ My photos don’t do the vibrant colours and deep blacks justice at all, they’re so amazing! I can’t get over it ^__^

I didn’t have to pay custom fees this time, which is interesting. I don’t know if this is down to just luck or the fact that last time they arrived in a tube and this time in a flat (big) letter. The packaging was excellent as well, quite sturdy and well made.

Get prints here:

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How to fix hyphenation not working for Scribus on Fedora Linux

I just found out how to fix #hyphenation not working in #Scribus on #Fedora (probably for #languages that aren’t system language):

Check that the text frame (Windows > Content Properties), character and paragraph styles (Edit > Styles, maybe you need to double click on a style to edit) are all the correct language (in my case German on an English system).

If Extras > Hyphenate Text still isn’t working, go to Windows > Resources > Hyphenation Dictionaries and check that you have the correct .dics installed (for me it was only English) and download the appropriate ones if necessary. You can also see the path where they are installed on the system here, so you could manually move a .dic there if you manage to find one.

Tadaa 🎉

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Pumpkin Cat Wendy

Illustration of a cat sitting on a carved pumpkin that is flying through the air, with a full moon and clouds in the background. The pumpkin has vampire teeth and tiny Will-o'-the-wisps in it's eyes.

You’ve heard of Skate Cat Wendy* now get ready for:

Pumpkin Cat Wendy! 🎃 🐈‍⬛ 🌕

This came from of the many pun-laden back-and-forths between my partner and me but this time it actually turned into something ^__^

You can buy it on my #Inprnt ✨:

Happy #halloween!

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Solar System

Abstract model of a solar system on a pink / salmon coloured floor, rendered with Blender3D. A big glowing orb in the centre, with copper circles (orbits) around it. More spheres on the circles (planets) with copper rings (orbits) and smaller spheres (moons) around the center. They're all made of „natural“ materials, like glass, wood, fabric, copper etc.
Portrait variant of the same motif but with a smaller sun and three blue glass half-spheres arranged around the sun, protecting it?
Another variant with green sphere cuts shielding the sun, wrapping around it from above instead of the sides like the last variant.
Last variant, again with blue glass, this time they kind of look like an abstract blossom or leaves, enclosing the sun?

Hi! ^__^

Which variant do you like best? Anything I could change / do better?

I found out recently the @kde(at) is doing a #wallpaper #contest for #plasma6!

Themes are:

  • Trustworthy […]
  • „A reflection of me“ (i.e. personalized, familiar, comfortable, „fits like a glove“)
  • Personal growth […]

What my #subconscious (?) has come up with is kind of a #solarsystem #model? Weird!

@kde(at) I’m also kinda getting #DysonSphere(1) #SciFi vibes from this which I like ^__^


FediArt #MastoArt #CreativeToots #JfmlArt #art #illustration #creative #DigitalArt #blender #blender3d #b3d #planets #abstract

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Illustration – Make the Rich Pay

An illustration of cute bird sitting on a skull saying „Make the rich pay“. The skull has golden slime coming out of it's eye-sockets and nose-holes 🤷‍♀️
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A vector illustration of a landscape stuffed with (European) birds, there's probably 25 of them including crow, blue tit, jackdaw, seagull, owl and many more.
Detail of the illustration featuring a jay, a robin and a swan (and a house in the landscape).
Another detail with a swift, a crow and a kingfisher, all flying in the sky with clouds in the background.

So many #birds! 🐦‍⬛🦉🦢🦅🪿 Who is your favourite?

Started this project over a year ago as a birthday present (it’s a #jigsaw #puzzle! I didn’t take any photos when we did it 🤦‍♀️) and now it’s finally here!

Testing out #Society6 as an #printer with this one (and #CutePlanets), check it out:

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Nikanovich and me in the living room of a flat both holding an artwork of ours.
Me in a corner of the same living room with a table full of postcards, stickers and fairy lights and artworks on the wall.
A sofa with framed prints and books on it as well as a wooden box with prints next to it.

ColonyOfArtists is a wrap! (🌯?) Thanks so much to Kat and the other organisers!

I had such a blast with Nikanovich and all the people that came to our stalls, thanks so much! ✨

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Greeting Cards!

Photo of three square greeting cards with birds on them, on a wooden floor.
More close-up photo of the cards, the birds are a jackdaw, a blue tit and a robin.

They’re here! 🥰✨

I’ll be selling #GreetingCards printed at at this year’s #ColonyOfArtists!

And they’re #beautiful! Printed on #recycled paper, with #EcoKraft envelopes and #compostable wrappers (just like my #prints).

Come round the #weekend after next in #Edinburgh’s #Abbeyhill to have a look ^__^

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An illustration of five people, all rather fat, old and/or bulky, done in (digital) ink with blue shade.

Hallo ^ _ ^ Instead of bringing you something #ColonyOfArtists-related (which is in less then a month in #Edinburgh, #Scotland!) …

Here are a few sketches of older women main characters. Some day I want to do a #ChildrensBook or #Comic about an #old #adventurer who has lived #TheQuietLife for a few decades and goes on another #quest. Mh, that sounds like a #TerryPratchett #novel doesn’t it?

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Reprints of some of my #postcards hot of the presses, yay! ✨

I’ll be selling them (along with #prints, #stickers etc) here in #Edinburgh on #Colobee (aka #ColonyOfArtists) in September but I’m also thinking of putting them on my #Kofi

Would you rather want to buy postcards in packs or individual? What would be a good pack-size?

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Vector illustration of a tiny bluetit with a meadow, clouds and mountains in the background. It is very cute.

Look at this super cute #bluetit! Just look at it, it’s just too cute ^__^

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Cute Planets: Earth!

A vector illustration of the earth (and the moon!) saying „Pls take good care of me.“

Finally! 🪐 Here’s a new entry in my #CutePlanet series! And befitting the new wave of #FridaysForFuture protests it’s our #home #planet with an important #psa. So next time you just drop your rubbish into #nature, take your SUV to drive to the bakery or vote for the party that doesn’t care about the #environment: Maybe just don’t! Cute Earth says thank you ^__^

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#Stickers have arrived in my #Kofi #shop! Yay!

Get 33% off until next Friday with this cool link:

A photo of four colourful stickers lying on the ground, with pencils and a Danish coin lying around it.
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Viking & the Fox Princess is on sale!

Illustration of a Viking person standing on a red sphere (with tiny fishes swimming towards it!). They have a red fox on their shoulders.
Photo of a print of the same illustration packaged in a compostable wrapper.

Get 30% off this adorkable #giclee #print with code GINGERFOX until this Friday! 🥳

I’m debating moving my prints from #etsy to #kofi without a good reason (aside from disliking Etsy because it’s big and bad?) and this is kinda a test run.

Do you like/dislike Etsy? What do you use yourself or like more (or less)?

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#Colobee22 is a wrap! ^__^

Thanks so much to the organisers like Abbeyhill_Kat as well as Nica Novich who was my lovely artfair partner again and all the nice people that came by to look at my art and have chat! That was amazing! 💖 ✨

Photo of a table with lots of my postcards, books, stickers, business cards and prints
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Colony of Artists starts tomorrow! 🥳

If you’re around Edinburgh, come by to the Abbeyhill Colonies this Sat/Sun from 11am – 6pm for art, music friends & so much more!

Meet Nika Novich who does the best digital collages and me at venue 37! 💖

An illustration of a giant yellow, fluffy monster that is seen upside down and has a party of other monsters happening in its mouth. Everybody is happy and it says „good times“ in the sky below the monster.
An amazing digital collage by Nika Novich featuring a cool person riding a fish-car-thing through the woods!
Art by Nika Novic
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Colobee is this Caturday!

Photo of a print with a black cat that has a cute heart-shaped spot on their breast.
Poster of Coloy of Artist 2022 featuring another black cat!

Meet this cutiepie this Caturday (and Sunday ^__^) at this year’s @colonyofartists in #Edinburgh! (Not in person, unfortunately. But there will be other cats!)

Come round for a opendoors artfair with friends, prints, books and other sweet stuff!

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Counting down to Colobee 22

ColonyOfArtists here in Edinburgh is only a week away!

It’s your friendly neighbourhood artsy doors-open day, so come by next Sat/Sun 17/18 Sep from 11am to 6pm!

Here’s a sneaky peak for some of my new prints (there also will be postcards, stickers and books)!

Some of my new prints in various frames in front of a sofa. Front and centre is a piece featuring a cute blackbird, they're the best.
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Selfportrait 2022

Digital illustration in pinks, violets and blues of a beardy white dude (me), holding a tiny, floating planet in his hands.
Variant of the same illustration with the planet somehow replaced by a glowing, sleeping  bunny that is also floating.

Happy (apparently belated) #WorldBeardDay everyone! 🥳

Did this self-portrait a while back inspired by the amazing @TurboTorbo, I don’t think I’ve ever done one before! The planet was an obvious choice since I’m a huge astronomy nerd but I’m not sure where that bunny is coming from ^__^

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Teasing ^ _ ^

Photo of a the backside of a small booklet on a wooden background. On it are two drawn figures turned away from the viewer with backpacks and a fox looking at a city on a mountainside.

Got something very exciting coming hot of the presses soon! ✨

Can’t wait to share it with you all! ^__^


Neue Auflage vom „Fuchs der Freundschaft“!

Hallo! Frohe Neuigkeiten! Mein #Kinderbuch / #Comic „Fuchs der Freundschaft“ ist ein einer neuen Auflage in meinem #Kofi-Shop erhältlich:

Ich würde mich super freuen, wenn ihr mich mit dem Kauf des Heftes unterstützt! Vielen Dank! ^ _ ^

Eine Person in schwarzen Kapuzen-Pulli hält ein Heft im DIN-A4-Format hoch, auf dessen Cover ein über einer Stadt schwebendes, schwarzes Mädchen, ein weißer Fuchs und ein Feuer-Elementarwesen abgebildet sind.
Das aufgeschlagene Buch, auf der linken Seite entfernt sich die Hauptperson von ihrem Haus, auf der rechten ist eine Statue von einem Wasserbüffel unter der eine Person schläft, abgebildet.
Detailaufnahme einer Seite des Buches auf dem zwei Charaktere sich an einem Baum voller Eulen vorbeischleichen.
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Cute Planets: Venus

A vector illustration of Venus, a light yellow planet with white clouds around them, being upside down but happy none the less.

Next in my CutePlanets series is earth’s sister: Venus! Who somehow managed to turn in the other direction (retrograde) than the other planets!? Love it!

What’s your favourite fact about Venus?

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Cute Planets: Mercury

A vector illustration of mercury looking hot but also happy at the same time saying „I got the craters.“

Hi! What’s the coolest thing about #tiny, inconspicuous #Mercury? That they’re #HeavyMetal (70% iron)? Got most craters? Traveling fastest? Something else?

This is the second #planet for my #CutePlanets #poster ^__^

#space #astronomy #cute #inkscape #vector #solarsystem #science #design #typography

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Cute Planets: Saturn

A vector illustration of saturn as a cute character, happily swirling around and saying „i got the rings“

Hi, fellow #space and #astronomy nerds! ^__^ Tell me your favourite fact about #saturn!

I’m working on a #poster about #planets (a controversial topic …) atm

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Finally Summer!

Took part in @inkscape’s #inkscapechallenge and drew some #icecream (which is super interesting and harder than it looks ^__^).