Reprints of some of my #postcards hot of the presses, yay! ✨

I’ll be selling them (along with #prints, #stickers etc) here in #Edinburgh on #Colobee (aka #ColonyOfArtists) in September but I’m also thinking of putting them on my #Kofi

Would you rather want to buy postcards in packs or individual? What would be a good pack-size?


Vector illustration of a tiny bluetit with a meadow, clouds and mountains in the background. It is very cute.

Look at this super cute #bluetit! Just look at it, it’s just too cute ^__^

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Cute Planets: Earth!

A vector illustration of the earth (and the moon!) saying „Pls take good care of me.“

Finally! 🪐 Here’s a new entry in my #CutePlanet series! And befitting the new wave of #FridaysForFuture protests it’s our #home #planet with an important #psa. So next time you just drop your rubbish into #nature, take your SUV to drive to the bakery or vote for the party that doesn’t care about the #environment: Maybe just don’t! Cute Earth says thank you ^__^

Viking & the Fox Princess is on sale!

Illustration of a Viking person standing on a red sphere (with tiny fishes swimming towards it!). They have a red fox on their shoulders.
Photo of a print of the same illustration packaged in a compostable wrapper.

Get 30% off this adorkable #giclee #print with code GINGERFOX until this Friday! 🥳

I’m debating moving my prints from #etsy to #kofi without a good reason (aside from disliking Etsy because it’s big and bad?) and this is kinda a test run.

Do you like/dislike Etsy? What do you use yourself or like more (or less)?

Cute Planets: Mercury

A vector illustration of mercury looking hot but also happy at the same time saying „I got the craters.“

Hi! What’s the coolest thing about #tiny, inconspicuous #Mercury? That they’re #HeavyMetal (70% iron)? Got most craters? Traveling fastest? Something else?

This is the second #planet for my #CutePlanets #poster ^__^

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Bridge of the Nautilus

This is one of the pieces I like a lot more looking back at it now. It’s weird when that happens but I guess it’s cause you let go of / forget about all the little things that didn’t work out the way you wanted when some time has passed?

Anyway, it’s a #sketch for the #3D model I did for the bridge of the #Nautilus a while back. Nice colours ^__^

♥ my other art

Ich hab vor einigen Jahren heimlich angefangen Illus am Tablet zu zeichnen!

Genau wie letztes Jahr (stimmt auch da gerne nochma ab, ma sehen, was passiert ^__^) würde es mich freuen, wenn ihr die Bilder, die euch gefallen mit einem ⭐ verseht (im Vollbild-Modus unten links).

Gerne an Leute weiterleiten, die Interesse haben könnten! Dankeschön ^__^

I’ve been stealthily getting into digital drawing!

So like last year (feel free to vote again, let’s see what happens ^__^) it would be my pleasure if you’d take the time and give some ⭐s to the ones you like (in the lower left corner in fullscreen view).

Feel free to pass this on to people who might be interested in voting as well! Thanks a lot ^__^

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Unknown Islands

3D-rendering of a bunch of glass or plexiglass pieces arranged on a flat surface standing up vertically so that they look like islands or clouds. The colours are pastel blues and pinks contrasting with the sharp look of the glass, the perspective is slightly isometric.
The same scene but from a different perspective, looking straight at the pieces and lower down and with a darker background

Which version do you like better?

I’m in another looong phase of „everything I do is bad, I have no ideas, I’m so unmotivated“ and working on this has been no different, I feel like it lacks focus, it and didn’t turn out the way I imagined (not that that ever happens ^__^).