Solar System

Abstract model of a solar system on a pink / salmon coloured floor, rendered with Blender3D. A big glowing orb in the centre, with copper circles (orbits) around it. More spheres on the circles (planets) with copper rings (orbits) and smaller spheres (moons) around the center. They're all made of „natural“ materials, like glass, wood, fabric, copper etc.
Portrait variant of the same motif but with a smaller sun and three blue glass half-spheres arranged around the sun, protecting it?
Another variant with green sphere cuts shielding the sun, wrapping around it from above instead of the sides like the last variant.
Last variant, again with blue glass, this time they kind of look like an abstract blossom or leaves, enclosing the sun?

Hi! ^__^

Which variant do you like best? Anything I could change / do better?

I found out recently the is doing a #wallpaper #contest for #plasma6!

Themes are:

  • Trustworthy […]
  • „A reflection of me“ (i.e. personalized, familiar, comfortable, „fits like a glove“)
  • Personal growth […]

What my #subconscious (?) has come up with is kind of a #solarsystem #model? Weird! I’m also kinda getting #DysonSphere(1) #SciFi vibes from this which I like ^__^


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Unknown Islands

3D-rendering of a bunch of glass or plexiglass pieces arranged on a flat surface standing up vertically so that they look like islands or clouds. The colours are pastel blues and pinks contrasting with the sharp look of the glass, the perspective is slightly isometric.
The same scene but from a different perspective, looking straight at the pieces and lower down and with a darker background

Which version do you like better?

I’m in another looong phase of „everything I do is bad, I have no ideas, I’m so unmotivated“ and working on this has been no different, I feel like it lacks focus, it and didn’t turn out the way I imagined (not that that ever happens ^__^).