Cloud Scapes (2020)

A pencil drawing coloured in light grey-blue of two wanderers on their way to a big building on a hill. Above the trees a lot of clouds are stacked above and beyond each other in the sky and around the building.

This started as a #study in 2020 about the way #clouds sometimes stack behind each other to form these #fantastic #landscapes in the #sky.

I feel like I didn’t really nail it, need to investigate that again at some point ^__^

EDIT: This apparently inspired @Fjord in Progress / Semiotic Pirate to the following:

Everything leaned in to watch the wanderers approach the distant castle. The clouds began to loom protectively over the castle’s towers. The landscape filled with intent, though no decision had been made as the travelers remained silent, their footsteps soft upon the earth. There was no path but neither were there obstructions.

Which I love! It’s kinda the opposite of back when the music of The Princess and The Pearl inspired me to do Ghost Ship ^__^ Different art forms inspiring each other, it’s just the best!

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Bye, Insta.

I just finally quit posting to Instagram, this is the text of my last post:

I’ll take the news that Insta’s parent evilcorp Meta has a new AI tool trained on „billions“ of Insta’s images as the final straw (it’s as good as any, really) to not post here anymore.

Sure, rich, white techbros will steal my art to get even richer with their AI bs no matter where I post it on the internet but at least I will not feed it to them „willingly“ anymore.

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