Inprnt prints

Another photo of a print with a whole lotta birds in front of a landscape.
A photo, this motif is a room with a cluttered desk in front of a window opening out to a fantastical landscape with dragons and giants.
Photo of a print lying on a carpet. The illustration is of a person flying on a giant bird to a castle on top of a mountain that's guarded by a white wolf.

The new test #prints I ordered from #Inprnt arrived super fast! 🎉

And just like last time they’re just tooo good! ✨

#Redbubbe or #Society6 don’t come even close to it +__+ My photos don’t do the vibrant colours and deep blacks justice at all, they’re so amazing! I can’t get over it ^__^

I didn’t have to pay custom fees this time, which is interesting. I don’t know if this is down to just luck or the fact that last time they arrived in a tube and this time in a flat (big) letter. The packaging was excellent as well, quite sturdy and well made.

Get prints here:

EDIT: Ordered some more for my family, I had to pay customs (Germany not UK?) this time (7€ on a 100€ order) but the prints are just mind-blowing again! Aaahhh, if only we had something like this in Europe that does not get flown in from the US! 😭 There has to be something, right?

Greeting Cards!

Photo of three square greeting cards with birds on them, on a wooden floor.
More close-up photo of the cards, the birds are a jackdaw, a blue tit and a robin.

They’re here! 🥰✨

I’ll be selling #GreetingCards printed at at this year’s #ColonyOfArtists!

And they’re #beautiful! Printed on #recycled paper, with #EcoKraft envelopes and #compostable wrappers (just like my #prints).

Come round the #weekend after next in #Edinburgh’s #Abbeyhill to have a look ^__^


Reprints of some of my #postcards hot of the presses, yay! ✨

I’ll be selling them (along with #prints, #stickers etc) here in #Edinburgh on #Colobee (aka #ColonyOfArtists) in September but I’m also thinking of putting them on my #Kofi

Would you rather want to buy postcards in packs or individual? What would be a good pack-size?