Reprints of some of my #postcards hot of the presses, yay! ✨

I’ll be selling them (along with #prints, #stickers etc) here in #Edinburgh on #Colobee (aka #ColonyOfArtists) in September but I’m also thinking of putting them on my #Kofi

Would you rather want to buy postcards in packs or individual? What would be a good pack-size?

Viking & the Fox Princess is on sale!

Illustration of a Viking person standing on a red sphere (with tiny fishes swimming towards it!). They have a red fox on their shoulders.
Photo of a print of the same illustration packaged in a compostable wrapper.

Get 30% off this adorkable #giclee #print with code GINGERFOX until this Friday! 🥳

I’m debating moving my prints from #etsy to #kofi without a good reason (aside from disliking Etsy because it’s big and bad?) and this is kinda a test run.

Do you like/dislike Etsy? What do you use yourself or like more (or less)?