FoF: Woche 3

So, wir haben da am Ende rumgebaut, Nin beweist ihre Vertrauenswürdigkeit indem Sie den Fuchs rettet und wird trotzdem nicht nach Hause eingeladen. Ich finde die Dialoge schrecklich holperig und alles viel, viel uneleganter als vorher. Da kann man ja aber noch dran feilen und ich überlege ob ich Dialoge Comic-Style mit Sprechblasen mache, dann wird das sicher nochmal ‘ne Runde organischer.

Nächste Woche:
Zur Not mehr Story aber lieber mal rumspielen mit verschiedenen Stilen (am Beispiel Bild 1?). Anderes Schlußbild. Außerdem überlegen, welche Bilder man so mittelaltermäßig in eins zusmmenfassen kann, dass mehrere Dinge der Handlung in einem Bild passieren.

Erweiterte Scribbles:

One night Ara awoke to find her companion the Fox of Friendship gone. And the window was open. Had he been kidnapped? Ara decided to investigate.

She put on her cloak and gently tapped against her lamp to wake up the fire elemental inside and fed it some coals.

Gingerly she climbed out of the window, she could hear her parents snoring faintly on the other side of the house. The city lay silent and sleeping. She would ask the {Bridge Dragon} if he had seen the fox.

On her way she passed the statue of the sleeping Buffallo God, dreaming of the monsoon.

„{Bridge Dragon} did the Fox of Friendship come this way?“ „Yes, I let him cross a while ago, he went down into the city.“

„Oh, Catclock good evening to you. What time is it?“ „You should be in bed.“

„Sparrowguard! Catguard! Have you seen the Fox of Friendship?“ „Yes, he was heading to the Labyrinth of Books.“*

The Shadow Queen, who is the guardian, archivist and librarian of the countless books in the labyrinth took Ara the same route she had seen the fox take.

The Shadow Queen said that the fox seemed to be going to the Three Sisters Gate, so Ara headed that way, while the City Whales passed overhead.

Jahnja of the Three Sisters was keeping watch. [She sits down with her and Jahnja asks her a riddle which she answers correctly so she can pass].

She finally came to the forrest of the White Hare who was sound asleep. She could see a light between the trees and hear commotion in the distance.

„O hello there, could you help me free this fox?“ asked the woman.
„Hello Ara, what are you doing here?“ said the fox.
„I’m looking for you! What are you doing here? I woke up and you were gone!“ Ara replied.
„But foxes are nocturnal animals! I’m the Fox of Friendship, it’s my calling to roam city & country at night to look for people who are lonely. Have I never told you that? I’m sorry.“ the fox said.

„Thank you for helping my friend, I’m Ara.“
„My name is Nin. Three years ago I lost my home because the fire rooster decided to sit on my roof** making my house burn down. I tried to rescue my most favourite stones. That’s where I got my scars. I’m a geologist you see.“
„So you don’t have a home? You could stay at our place we have a big house.“ Ara said.
„That would be lovely. But we should ask your parents.“

On the way home they tip-toed past the Parliament of Owls.

Nin insisted on sleeping in the treehouse in the park behind the houses so they didn’t have to wake up Ara’s parents to ask for permission.

Ara’s parents made pancakes for breakfast the next morning and they decided that their house could be Nin’s home to return to from her geology expeditions.

* Why yes, Walter Moers, I did indeed diversify your fantasy world that had a very distinct lack of women and PoC.
** „Sie hatten den roten Hahn auf dem Dach — ihr Haus hat gebrannt. Die lodernden Flammen erinnern an den roten Kamm eines Hahns. Diese Redewendung findet sich auch im Lied über Florian Geyer, Wir sind des Geyers schwarzer Haufen: „Setzt aufs Klosterdach den roten Hahn!“ bedeutet dort „Brennt das Kloster nieder!““ (Quelle)