Mushishi is probably the most poetic, melancholic and beautiful anime-series I’ve seen so far. In wonderful quiet pictures the series tells about Ginko, a »Mushishi«, someone who investigates incidents that are caused by the »Mushi«, a form of supernatural, elemental life, that has strange effects on people in some cases.

Adapted from a Manga by Yuki Yoshiyama a.k.a. Yuki Urushibara that I’d really like to read someday »Mushishi« tells a different story of which tragic events the Mushis can cause in feudal Japan with each episode. The drawings are stunning, the colors are impressive and the stories leave you with a rather contemplative feeling after each episode. I like it so very much but I can’t watch it too often. Still I am gonna get the DVD someday.

Aside of the official, Japanese homepage here’s a blog with plot-summaries for each episode and wonderful screencaps (but too small, too small…). O yeah, they’re doing a Live-Action-Movie of it, directed by no one less than Master Katsuhira Otomo.

EDIT: The »Mushishi« Manga will be released in the US by »Del Ray« at the end of January 2007 according to information from animeondvd.com. The first volume is available for pre-order on amazon.com.