Dark Souls PC: Motionjoy PS3 controller mapping

UPDATE: The instructions below are for Dark Souls and don’t work for Dark Souls II (for me). However the Xinput Wrapper from here works like a charm (for me).

Since it took some time for me to figure it out: here’s the key-map for playing Dark Souls – Prepare to Die Edition … m( … with a Dual Shock/Sixaxis PS3 controller via Motionjoy on Windows XP (see how I squished every possible search term I could think of in this one shitty sentence?).

First though, a word of warning: Motionjoy is a scary piece of crapsoftware for two reasons:

1. It’s always online. While the obvious reason for this is to spam you with ads my tinfoil-against-aliens-paranoia-self feels this will somehow be used to track my gaming behaviour (however that would work: „Oh, this guy only presses this one button, he’s probably playing FFXIII“).

2. Motionjoy installs so deep into your system that the only way to get rid of it might be reinstalling windows. Make a system restore point before you try this. And make sure that the system restore point works because obviously it didn’t for me. Windows … m(

So if you can use Xpadder, it looks like an awesome piece of software (not like others„Usability? What’s that supposed to mean?“) it’s free up to version 5.3.

Sadly, Xpadder didn’t work for me, so here are workarounds for making Motionjoy less scary:

1. Someone made an offline patch for Motionjoy.

2. I am not 100% sure if this really uninstalls everything but for me this seemed to work: go to control panel > device manager > game-controllers (or something) and uninstall not the controller(s) but the driver(s).

Long story short, here’s the promised key-mapping (I had to calibrate the gamepad to get rid of some strange tilting of the camera).

UPDATE: While reinstalling Windows 7, I updated to Motionjoy 0.7 (offline patch here) and this layout seems to work (I have to start DS, plug the controller in and out, then enable the layout in Motionjoy):

Triangle = 2
Circle = 4
Cross = 3
Square = 1
L1 = 5
R1 = 6
L2 = 7
R2 = 8
Select = 11
L3 = 9
R3 = 10
Start = 12
PS = 13
Dpad = D-pad
Left stick x+ = X+
Left stick x- = X-
Left stick y+ = Y+
Left stick y- = Y-
Right stick x+ = Rx+
Right stick x- = Rx-
Righ stick y+ = Ry+
Righ stick y- = Ry-
Tilts = None

Finger crossed that this works for Dark Souls 2, too ^_____^

These are for Motionjoy 0.6:

1 = Square
2 = Triangle
3 = Cross
4 = Circle
5 = L1
6 = R1
7 = L2
8 = R2
9 = L3
10 = R3
11 = Select
12 = Start
13 = PS
14  – 20 = None
D-pad = D-pad
Axis x = Left stick x
Axis y = Left stick y
Axis z+/z- = None
Axis Rx = Right stick x
Axis Ry = Right stick y
Axis Rz = None
Slider/Dial = None

Enjoy one of the best games since Shadow of the Collossus!

7 thoughts on “Dark Souls PC: Motionjoy PS3 controller mapping”

  1. So all I need to do is change the 1-13? The layout is kinda weird to comprehend xD

    1. That might be right. I feel like you need to change some of the axis but I can’t really remember.

  2. Mh, coming to think of it I don’t think the original console version is using the motion sensor in any way (what for? Rotating the camera?) in any way. And though I am not into PvP I think the gesture menu is well accessable.

    Anyway, I haven’t yet seen any games that can match the fighting system/character control of Demon’s Souls/Dark Souls. It is just perfect. The whole game is just perfect.

  3. No problem.

    Motionjoy let’s you assign keys to the motion movements, and i thought keyboard keys too. What i imagined was that the gestures have also keys assigned to them. You see i am planning to get that game but still thinking about which controller to choose, but i am overthinking it.

    Now I just figured out that there are no keys assigned, you have to equip or choose from a menu. And that the PC version is made by using the xbox controller. So no chance.

    I thank you.

  4. Sorry for taking so long, I’ve been on holidays. And sorry again because I can’t answer your questions, I have no idea if the motion-sensor is working (I doubt it thouh …) but I’ll try using the keyboard next time I play (haven’t tried that yet). How would you map the motion movements on the keyboard if it works?

  5. Ah and if controller is activated in Dark Souls, is the keyboard still useable? Because in that case i could map the motion movements to keyboard keys instead. If ingame gestures are even mappable? Next question haha, please tell me. Would make my decision much easier.

  6. Thank you for sharing this.
    I have a question. Can you use the motion sensor in Dark Souls? I would like to use it for gestures like waving and so on.

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