Animation: Le Dauphin dauphin

via Catsuka

Hübscher Kurzfilm mit erfrischend wenig gendersterotypen Charakteren und vor allem mit erklärendem Text (bis die UT nachgeliefert werden) macht’s auch Sinn:

„Once upon a time in a faraway land, lived a prince of unequaled beauty, who only found amusement in the torment of innocents. Dolphins, in particular, were his victims of choice, and he tortured them by the thousands. The Lord Of The Seas received word of the prince’s atrocities, and saw to it that they would cease. He transformed the prince into an abomination, part man, part dolphin, consigning him to a dark prison made of clouds. Only the kiss of a very special someone would someday grant the prince his freedom, and restore him to his human form. (Sauce)