Illustration: »The Book of the Dead«

Okay, someone calling himself »amotionpicture« (wtf?) posted this entry on


Though that is one of these things you can’t really call »illustration« because you have almost no room for any interpretation I had a vivid image in my mind and though it would be fun to just do it.

I am not going to participate since is one of those sites that not only fuck up the design-business by making it possible for people to get stuff designed for unbelievable low prices – we have these kind of sites in Germany too, like 12designer or designenlassen – but at least the German sites don’t requiere the designers to pay just for an account* (huh, just saw the guy posted an e-mail-address, maybe I’ll send it to him anyway).

Well, as it has been said on fontblog, people making entries in sites like these deserve to get shit for the no-money they want to spend. Of course there are situations – as maybe the one above – were you just don’t have any money you can give. But especially if you are in the creative industry there should be solutions for that. I think it is quite normal to design t-shirts or booklets for small bands and they give you some merchandise, free entry to a show, a dvd or whatever.

Anyway, I had fun doing this and I am sure that that is completley not what this guy wants since I largely dared to ignore his suggestions (moon, media, insects etc.…):

The Book Of The Dead - Horrormovie Poster

*Coming to think of it: I have no idea if there is a fee on the German sites, I never bothered trying to sign up.