FoF: Woche 1

Das Pad ist sehr umfangreich und hauptsächlich Ideensammlung/Organisation für mich, ihr dürft euch natürlich da gerne durchwühlen (und drin rumbschreiben). Die Story ist auf Englisch, weil ich das vielleicht auch Leuten von hier zeigen will.

Kennt jemand coole Fotoseiten/-blogs mit internationaler (auch gerne historisch) Kleidung/Kultur/Architektur?

Nächste Woche:
Character-Designs (in Farbe!?), mehr Storyboard-Scribbles.

Storyboard-Scribbles (nach dem Sprung):

One winter night Ara awoke to find her companion the Fox of Friendship gone. And the window was open. Had he been kidnapped? Ara decided to investigate.

She put on her winter cloak and gently tapped against her lamp to wake up the fire elemental inside and fed it some coals.

Gingerly she climbed out of the window, she could hear her parents snoring faintly on the other side of the house. Snow had fallen and the city lay silent and sleeping. She followed the tracks of her friend down the winding road. Since it was only the fox’s tracks kidnapping seemed to be unlikely.

She passed the statue of the sleeping Buffallo God, dreaming of the monsoon.

„Oh, Catclock good evening to you. What time is it?“ „You should be in bed.“

„{Bridge Dragon} did the Fox of Friendship come this way?“ „Yes, I let her cross a while ago, she went down to the {city}“

She came to the {Gate} in the city wall. Jahnja of the Three Sisters was keeping watch. [She sits down with her and Jahnja asks her a riddle which she answers correctly so she can pass].

The tracks finally let into the forrest of the White Hare who was sound asleep. And she could see a light between the trees, maybe a fire?

So it had been a kidnapping after all! Her friend was being strangled by a witch! Ara charged into the clearing ready to save her friend …

„Wait“, cried the fox „This is Nin, who needs our help.“

„Nin has lost her home because someone set the fire rooster on her roof* making the house burn down. She tried to rescue her most favourite stones. That’s where she got her scars. She’s a geologist you see.“

„She has travelled the world since then, lonely and without a home. And since I am the Fox of Friendship I felt her sadness when she was passing by and came looking for her.“ „Well, we can all sleep in my bed tonight and see what we can do about it tomorrow.“ Ara decreed and all agreed.

When her parents looked in on Ara in the morning they saw the most curious sight. „Time for pancakes“ they decided.

And that’s what they had for breakfast.

* „Sie hatten den roten Hahn auf dem Dach — ihr Haus hat gebrannt. Die lodernden Flammen erinnern an den roten Kamm eines Hahns. Diese Redewendung findet sich auch im Lied über Florian Geyer, Wir sind des Geyers schwarzer Haufen: „Setzt aufs Klosterdach den roten Hahn!“ bedeutet dort „Brennt das Kloster nieder!““ (Quelle)