Animation: Paperman


Here’s an insteresting and depressing feature on how Disney/Pixar (who cares, Kotaku … um, I mean io9) sees the future of 2d-animation: as an advanced render style for 3d-animation!

While the results look pretty nice it’s totally crazy how much effort goes into faking this 2d-look instead of just doing it in 2d (okay, that might still be more work but … but …). Then again the shortfilm breathes the „missing ye olde times“ so maybe it’s fitting. The interesting thing to know would be: does it work withtout the 3d? Did they find a way so you just need to do the keyframes and the computer does the rest? That would be neat.*

Update: Full thing is here (via Nerdcore). While the storyidea is boringokay, they just drag it on and on. And this is Oscar-nominated? I don’t know if that’s more telling for the Oscars or this short film if this mediocre piece is what they nominate.

And boy, am I bored of white people, does it always have to be white people? Turns out, it doesn’t.

*Especially because then there would be an alternative to this strange morphing that can be seen in movies like Waltz with Bashir and Alois Nebel, I really hate that.