Is why Tumblr sucks so much:

I mean.

WTF. is. even. going. on. there?

Go on, click on that picture and see the full glory of 400 screens of mind-boggling webdesign-fail that is Tumblr.

Not only is this shit unreadable except for the last two comments, it is also almost impossible to find out who said what because THE NAMES ARE NOWHERE NEAR THE FUCKING COMMENTS. How hard can it be to fix this fuckup? But guess if this has been going on for years and years?

I don’t understand why people are still using this trainwreck of a service.

Edit 2024: People obviously only used it when logged into the site and never saw whatever that is.

2 thoughts on “This.”

  1. From personal experience I can say Tumblr does one thing good which is making reblogging of other Tumblr posts dead easy and I think that what Tumblr is all about (I’m not on Pinterest/FB/G+ so I can’t say if they’re doing that better then Tumblr but I actually suspect they do).

    But it just drives me mad that aside from reblogging and asks interaction on Tumblr is almost impossible (especially if you are not on Tumblr) and you have to scroll down through (and load) 100 pages of „x reblogged this“ and „z liked this“ (seriously: who gives a fuck?) to read any comments on posts .

    And the problem is: both of these problems (fucked-up citing and cluttered comments) could be addressed in a minute: do the citing/reblogging of text just like any other blog/forum software (basically do it on one level without the indents) and separate reblogs and likes from comments. Especially for the last one I do realize that this might not be as easy to address as I think it would be because they probably programmed it in a way that it leads to the fuck-up we have now (because you have to reblog something to comment on it which is totally bullshit in my opinion too).

    Anyway, Tumblr: The perfect example how not to do a blog.

  2. This made me laugh 😀

    I think, the reason, why tumblr is so popular, esp. between the youth is its myspace-like imperfection. I mean, you can have like flashy glittering background gifs, funny cursors, players, that start playing your favorite song everytime you load the page – and you can change that very easily. That was all myspace was about back then. Like the personal private hangout, the dark, smelly little room of a 14yr old that you better not enter. But still, thats something that fb, g+, twitter or pinterest etc. can’t achieve. So they take those failures and accept them – or just don’t care about good design, when they can have cat gifs dancing in the background. If tumblr would change the layout drastically, I bet there would be a nice big pile of shitstorm breaking loose, no matter whether its for the good or bad of the design and readability…

    But anyway, had a good laugh about this one.

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