Syncinc local files á la Dropbox with Synkron

I while ago I found Synkron, a nifty syncing tool which was almost perfect for my podcast listening setup: I’m downloading podcasts with the great open source player Miro (I’m using the 3.5 version, newer versions are strange and cluttered to a point where I find it almost unusable) and I’m then using Synkron to sync the Miro folder via USB to my phone (I tried to figure out doing this via wi-fi but that’s a mess).

The problem was that whenever I deleted a file on the computer or the phone but not on the other device by default Synkron would copy it back from the respectively other device, so it was more or less impossible to delete a file (in reality you’d of course know most of the times which podcasts you already listened too but stil …).

The solution is as follows:

Click the „Advanced“ button on the bottom left corner in Synkron and tick „Detect collusions“. Tadaa! Now, if you delete a file on the phone, next time Synkron will delete it on the computer and vice versa.

EDIT: For some reason Syncron skips all the files it is supposed to sync in the Linux/Ubuntu-Version, but Unison does the job, it seems.