Tery Gilliam’s »Tideland«

Brilliant. Just brilliant. I’ve been longing for just one good film for so long now and here it is. I’ve been watching Gilliam’s »Brothers Grimm« recently which was one of the »not too bad« movies that I’ve watched so many of in the last time and I expected that »Tideland« would be better but I didn’t expect it to be THIS better. So this is a movie about a young girl with a fantastic imagination, who happened to be born into an American white-trash hill-billy surrounding. You start wondering if it isn’t little odd that this young girl is preparing the shots for her father’s »little vacations« but this is one of the least odd things about to happen. Everyone’s a freak, some are nice and some are not.

This is an elaborated, fantastic, sick, wonderful hell of a film. Watch it.