Howto: Invalid Encoding with Truecrypt volumes under Linux

I’m automounting my Truecrypt data partition on login under Linux Mint. Unfortunately, the standard to mounting Truecrypt volumes seems to be iso8859-1 (at least for FAT32 volumes) which leads to the dreaded „Invalid Encoding“ in certain filenames (I’ve seen this for European special characters like ä and ø as well as for Japanese and Chinese characters).

The solution is to put iocharset=utf8 in the Mount Options when mounting the volume (or putting it into the Truecrypt Preferences when you want it for every volume you mount).

Big thanks to this Ask Ubuntu-answer for this solution.

UPDATE: Looks like when automounting Truecrypt volume via Startup Applications the Mount Options don’t really work, but this does: truecrypt --auto-mount=favorites --fs-options=iocharset=utf8 (Via)