If the movie’s main characters visit Nazi-Germany only to nerd out about warplanes, you know you’re watching some fucked-up bullshit. Shame on you, Studio Ghibli (I also feel like it’s a new low when it comes to female characters). The best thing about The Wind Rises is that it’s a reminder that capitalism as a system hasn’t been working since the 1920s. I’ll take the world without pyramids, btw (yes, I know that probably means living in the stone age).

Oh look, another cartoon series about white boys! Because, you know, poor white boys, sooo underrepresented in mainstream media, gotta give’m some rolemodelz. Otherwise this looks like it might be fun. UPDATE: Nope, it’s boring and annoying.

Haha, geil, parallel zu Fix-Ubuntu (Ubuntu-Marketing-Gau in dem Zusammenhang) gibt’s jetzt Fix OSX. (Via)

Guter Artikel bei Drop the Thought über den Zwiespalt bei der Kritik am (weißen cis) Feminismus. Da liegen Welten zwischen solchen Gedanken und der Kotze, die die männliche, weiße, deutsche Netzelite á la fefe und Don Alfonso so täglich ins Netz kippt.

Well, who would have thought: looks like Shadow of Mordor is true to its roots insofar that its treatment of female characters is shit (fridging for the manpainz). Fuck you Tolkien, fuck you gamedevs.