O wow, look at this pile of shit: Some old white guy who’s best pals with Lars von Trier says „he is absolutely the opposite to a racist“* ?____? Because if anyone can be the judge if you’re a racist or not it’s obviously an old white dude! How do we know he’s the „absolute opposite to a racist“? Because he regularly casts zero PoC in his films? That’s colorblind casting for you! O wait, the article itself provides the evidence: „using the N-word when describing a ‘sandwich’ with two black men[…], before moving on to an impassioned defence of repressed paedophilia.“ Are. You. Serious. A white director who lets his main character (a white woman, fuck you too Charlotte Gainsbourg, btw for being part of this shit) use the N-word. Clearly the opposite of a racist. Anywayyy, that „I ♥ Hitler“-thing was all a misunderstanding and it was the evil journalists who jumped on Trier when he got his fucking joke wrong. His kids where bullied in school for it! And that’s of course the journalists fault. Because. m( I don’t even.

Meine Befürchtungen, dass es nicht so die glänzende Idee war einen Ghiblifilm über einen Designer von Kampflugzeugen zu machen, scheinen sich zu bewahrheiten (ohne ihn bisher gesehen zu haben): „Why did I never see anyone call out Hayao Miyazaki on his bullshit in “The Wind Rises”? He was glorifying the designer of the Zero’s Engine, Jiro Horikoshi. It was a fighter aircraft that was built with Chinese and Korean slave labour, then used to massacre these peoples.“ (Sauce) Mehr zum Thema Ghibli/Anime vs Feminismus hier.

Female soldiers of the Palestinian security forces. (Via)

Guckt mal, Noelle Stevenson macht nicht nur coole Comics, sie ist auch sonst der Hammer. (Via)

Schon älter aber immer noch gut: die British Library hat einen Haufen Photos in die Public Domain gestellt. Da ist sicher gutes Material für Collagen dabei. (Via)

* What would that even be … ?