Game: The Old City

Ich bin ja ein großer Fan von FPWs / First Person Walkers á la Dear Easther oder Gone Home und da sieht The Old City dann auch nach aus, auch wenn mich der Trailer jetzt noch nicht so begeistert. Wo ist der Wal? Und nicht, dass das jetzt zur Trope wird und man in solchen Spielen immer weinerlicht (weiße) Typen spielt und Gone Home die Ausnahme zur Regel wird. (Via)


Trailer nach dem Sprung.

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Trailer: The Dam Keeper

Awwww, so cute! (Via)

What was that? You want more cute pigs? There you go:

Too bad they didn’t take the time to think of a story. But no worries IS SO PRITTY no one will notice! Also, is that goose he uses as a backpack … dead? (Via)

UPDATE: Cool, he put a password on the video, way to earn kudos! Have a teaser and a making of instead:

(Mini-)Review: Queens of Langkasuka/The Tsunami Warrior

Hey, this is actually pretty nice. The fighting scenes are nothing special if you’re used to wuxia movies and the acting seems clumbsy in places but once the rather terrible first half is behind you there’s princess Ungu kicking ass and the end has some nice WTF-moments reminiscent of good old Hong Kong-cinema times. Also women leading armies in full glorious armor (with boobplates though, unfortunately)! Check it out!

Here, have a weird trailer: